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  • Can I reserve a private airboat tour if I’m not sure exactly how many people will be coming?
    Yes! It’s always better to reserve a larger boat or boats and then trim down your reservation. You can call to place a deposit and then adjust your headcount until 24 hours before your tour time.
  • Is alcohol allowed on airboat tours?
    Absolutely, who doesn’t enjoy a cold drink on a boat? We only ask that you not bring any glass bottles onto the airboat with you for safety, aluminum and plastic are fine!
  • How many people can you accommodate in one reservation?
    Our largest boats seat 17 guests, but we love to send out larger parties in “dueling airboats”, that’s where we split the party between two or more similarly sized boats and send them ripping through the swamp together. It makes for great photos!
  • How do I make a reservation for a large party?
    We recommend reserving for the largest size your group may be and then adjusting the reservation down from there. We can adjust the headcount until 24 hours prior to the tour. Also for large parties we only charge a 25% deposit to hold the reservation, with full payment due 72 hours before the tour.
  • Can we take Uber or Lyft to and from the dock?
    Using rideshares to get out to the swamp and back is risky, it can be difficult especially on busy days at dock to find a driver to bring you back to the city. We do offer roundtrip shuttle transportation for $20 per person.
  • Do you pick up from Airbnb/ VRBO locations?
    Yes! The shuttle transportation can almost always pick up your party from a downtown Airbnb. On the rare occasion we may ask your party to relocate to a nearby hotel or intersection for pick up. With the private transportation upgrade the answer is always yes from all locations in New Orleans.
  • What should we wear for our private swamp tour?
    Please wear clothes that will be comfortable for the weather and be aware there is a chance that you could get a little spray from the swamp. Sandals are just fine, and sunglasses are always a good idea!
  • How far is the dock from the city of New Orleans?
    Our docks are located about a 35 minutes drive from the downtown/French Quarter area. We recommend departing the city one hour before your tour time to get checked in.
  • Is there parking available at the airboat dock?
    Yes! We have plenty of parking at the docks for standard sized cars and trucks. Please reach out to us if you are planning to arrive in an oversized vehicle or large motorhome.
  • Are tips or gratuities included in our ticket price?
    Gratuities are not included in the price of your airboat tour, but our airboat captains and bus drivers do appreciate them!
  • Will we see alligators on our swamp tour?
    While we can’t absolutely guarantee the gators will come to work everyday, they are wild animals after all, there are a lot of gators in the swamp and our captains are experts at finding them!
  • Can we bring a cooler with us on the airboat?
    Yes, you are encouraged to bring a cooler onboard. Just remember no glass bottles for safety (aluminum and plastic are fine)
  • Are there any upgrades available for our special occasion?
    Private transportation is an easy upgrade we offer for special occasions and includes: private vehicle, cooler(s) for the day, and extra time to stop off for beverages and snacks on your way to the dock. This way there’s no waiting for the shuttle, door to door with no extra stops!
  • Who can't ride an airboat?
    For safety reasons tours are restricted to the following groups: Anyone with back or neck injuries, children under 5 years of age and expectant mothers. You must also be able to board the airboat without assistance. ​​
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